About Me

Fitness Enthusiast | Korean Zombie Movie Fanatic | Anime Nerd | Cat Mum


I'm a Software developer who transitioned from teaching.
In my previous life as a teacher, I discovered a profound joy in fostering learning environments that were not only informative but also engaging.
This passion for creating interactive spaces seamlessly transitioned into a fascination with web and app development.
I found in coding the perfect medium to continue shaping meaningful and dynamic experiences, just like I did in the classroom.

My journey has equipped me with a unique skill set that marries the patience and communication skills honed in the classroom with the precision and creativity demanded by Software Development.








Tailwind CSS




Google OAuth



UI/UX Design









Django Rest Framework


JWT/Token Authentication

Third Party APIs


Development Tools

Version control with Git and GitHub

Command Line Interface (CLI)

Deployment with Netlify, Railway, and Vercel


Gum Gum

Solo Project | 1 Week

Gum Gum was inspired by the self-improvement ideology of James Clear's Atomic Habit. It allows the user to set goals and create micro-habits to achieve them. It also visualizes the completion of the daily habit so the user can see their progress.

HTML CSS Python PostgreSQL Django React.js


Group Project | 1 Week

Following my love of fitness, I created Fitnomenal alongside two team members. The main feature of the app is a workout generator API to randomly generate a daily workout for the user. The app also tracks the user's progress in relation to the goals they set for themselves to keep them motivated. My primary responsibilities were defining models and api endpoints for daily workouts and workout history and curating a vibrant colour scheme on the frontend.

HTML CSS JavaScript Node.js Express.js React.js MongoDB

The One Piece Orchard

Solo Project | 1 Week

Owing to my dedication and love for the long-running anime One Piece, my second project, the One Piece Orchard, acts as an online library for One Piece enthusiasts like myself to keep track of all the 'Devil Fruits' that have appeared throughout the series, keep track of the users of that fruit, and learn more about it.

HTML CSS JavaScript Node.js Express.js Vue.js MongoDB

Snake Game

Solo Project | 1 Week

This was the first project I completed as part of my General Assembly bootcamp. My aim was to recreate the classical game, snake, with a more modern twist, featuring a snake which moves around the game board in search of food whilst avoiding collision with itself and the game board.

HTML CSS JavaScript

Previous Experience

Student | General Assembly Software Engineering Immersive

September 2023 - November 2023

Completed a 12-week program, exploring the fundamental principles of full-stack web development.

Engaged collaboratively in a team environment, actively participating in daily standups to enhance communication and teamwork skills.

Applied Agile methodologies fostering adaptability and efficiency in project development.

Demonstrated practical understanding through the deployment of four projects.

Teacher (Psychology/Science) | Brampton Manor Academy

July 2022 - July 2023

Developed strong communication and presentation skills through teaching Psychology in the KS3-KS5 curriculum.

Demonstrated organizational and planning abilities by creating engaging lessons that catered to diverse learning needs.

Illustrated adaptability and problem-solving acumen by identifying and addressing diverse learning needs and adapting teaching methods to enhance student comprehension and engagement.

Fostered a supportive and collaborative classroom atmosphere, prioritizing student well-being and growth through effective communication, empathy, and responsive teaching strategies.

My Interests

Fitness and well-being

I enjoy staying active and making sure I eat healthy. Playing badminton often, hitting the gym regularly, and incorporating yoga into my routine are important aspects of my lifestyle, contributing to the overall well-being of both my body and mind.

Anime Enthusiast

Immersing myself in the captivating worlds of anime is a cherished pastime. Among my top recommendations are the epic journey of "One Piece," the hilarious psychic adventures in "Saiki Kusuo," and the breathtaking action of "Demon Slayer." Anime serves as a constant source of inspiration and entertainment in my life.

Korean Zombie Movies

Exploring the fascinating world of Korean post-apocalyptic films is a guilty pleasure of mine. I've recently been drawn into the suspenseful drama of "Sweet Home." For those seeking more cinematic thrills, I highly suggest checking out "All of Us Are Dead," "Alive," and the first season of "Sweet Home."

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